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Monday, March 23, 2009


Where you have to invest? Questions that may be easy for you to answer. That, I think in the savings bank had made a place for you to invest. Savings? The savings is the only save money, and not for investment? not so according to me. Savings in the Bank, other than a place to store your daily budget, you can actually also made a place to invest. So there are two kinds of people in the use of savings in banks, first as a place to save money for the fund's daily needs, and the second is as a place of investment.

Depending on which one you choose, all kinds of places you can put a number of funds and investments can get results from it (such as interest rate and the difference between buying and selling price), then you call this as a worthy investment products. Products including savings in the bank though. In addition to savings, there are also deposits. Deposit investment products is also possible that you often use to raise your money, because the deposit is considered as the product is safe as long as your bank does not losers, and your money is guaranteed.

But, in addition to the savings and deposits are already popular, you have to think to invest in the collection of objects? Collection of objects? What type of investment that? So you may ask. Object is a collection of objects that are mostly frequently in the collection. Why do people like collecting about? Just simple. One reason is because the object is considered to have special value. What are examples of objects that are considered have the special value? many. One of the examples that we see most often is the stamp.

Art has a distinctive value

If speech problems stamps, I believe almost all of you know what the stamp. For you who diligently send mail (including sending a letter to NOVA), most certainly does not use the stamps. If you note, stamp consists of a variety of publication. Whether the 50-year issue's, 60's, 70's, until the year 2000 was also there. Each publication has a different view specifications. However, most of the stamps have a display picture or painting.

Thus, the view stamp exactly as we see the painting in small size. That is why many people decide to collect stamps, remember the image of the stamps have a value apart so that the art was really like to see and enjoy the pictures.

In addition to stamps, there are also ... Painting! painting also has a distinctive value of art is not it? There are so many people collecting paintings, and all come from a variety of prices, which have tens of dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not all of them must be objects such as the stamp and image of the painting objects that have artistic value. There are also objects in the collection because it has a special shape and appearance and it does not need to form a picture. Any object that has a distinctive value of art can be a collection of objects.

Own Historic Value

In addition to objects that have a distinctive value of art, there are also objects in the collection because these objects have a value which is considered historic. Examples are objects proklamator independence of our heritage. Often a collection of presidential soekarno the free market at the price of the extraordinary high level. But things may be a simple course, can be a fountain pen, books, cupboards, or whatever.

However, because the object was owned by the Bung Karno as a historical figure, objects often become the bone collector, and often switch hands with the price the longer the higher. So once again, other than because of the distinctive value of art, collecting objects, actions are often caused by objects is considered to have historical value.

Own Very Old Age

In addition, collections of objects, often also based on the age. Many people who collect objects because these objects have a fairly old age. In fact, the old-age objects, and so can be more expensive the price of it. What are examples of objects in the collection because of age? Some of them are antique jar, antique tables, antique chairs, and others.

However, please note that not all objects that are older and have special value in the collection by the people, considering that it all depends on the perception of these objects. Therefore, some sort of presumption against the special value, below is an example of objects that can be in the collection:

• Objects of art (painting, sculpture)
• Things handicrafts (ceramics, batik)
• Objects accessories (glass)
• jewelry (necklace, bracelet)
• Things history (of survival)
So, in principle, almost all objects in the collection. This collection of objects that can be used as investment.

The difference between Collector and investor

Investment? so I have to collect the investment? Clearly different.
Here I would like to introduce you to a collector and Investor:
collector is a delight for those who collect a particular object. The goal is collect objects (may be) for the inner satisfaction, prestige, have considered the good taste, or anything that. A collector to buy the things that can be owned forever.

While the Investor is the designation for people who collect items to be sold only to get their benefits. So, if the collector to buy the property owned, while the investors to buy property and then later can be sold again, to be collectors or fellow investors as well. So the buyer is a collector, while the investor who is investing. If you are interested to invest in a collection of objects, below are tips that you may need to know:

1. Investment into objects that are and you know you really know the ropes. Thus, you can know with certainty about any issues concerning the collection of objects that you, the price is suitable, which can sell to, where can buy it, and so on.

2. Should not fall in love in the collection of objects you. When you fall in love in the collection of your objects, you can be heavy-hearted when you want to sell it back. But if you are an investor, you have to sell the collection object you get back to profitability.


Many people thought that the investment in the collection of objects is quite expensive investment. The statement is not always true. Do not forget that every object has its own price initially. A stamp issue in 2000 which now costs $ 1 and have been used, be it 10 or 20 years into the future collection of objects that can be marketed with a price of $ 50. So the question now, is the price you buy the collection objects? At the initial price (when he was still cheap), or the price which is already high? Now, what about the things around you? Could be the object you thought was so-so, 10 or 20 years and then become very high price because of these things have a value of extraordinary beauty. Who knows? Thus, pairs of eyes and ears you, who know there are certain things around you that will be valued higher. And a clear, investment in the collection of objects is not always an expensive investment, because it depends on how much the price you buy these things, whether the price is still cheap or expensive.

Quoted from Tabloid NOVA No. 715/XIV - safir Senduk (Indonesia)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Distribution Outlet

Young people associated with the style of the present. There is a strange, unique, sometimes even seem unprincipled. You may have your own style or a different style with your friends. The unique, the more fun. So usually, is not it? not wrong, do. But, you know, actually it would arouse great opportunity? Try to imagine, how many young that have characteristics according to its own group.
They usually make a variety of accessories and trinkets from a T-shirt, wallet, scarf, stickers, key holder in a limited number. A more exclusive group, they need the trinkets that become their identity marker. For, the identity of a particular uniqueness inherent in the various moneychangers who produced all the limited value that a plume.

Style attributes attached to the product itself is usually a lot of really unique and very stylish. Typically, design and play with words and images according to the flow of the figures be admired, such as the products become the exclusive owner. Limited edition, this is usually limited goods tend to be more expensive. Therefore, this is the opportunity that you can garap. You can speculate if meraup can provide a unique design, or you can also become an agent of the seller and the benefits of each product sales commission.

Nah, this is usually limited to the product difficult to go to large stores. Therefore, the sales distribution system utilizing a network with the cooperation. Here's where you can become a kind of sales agents with a distribution outlet. Distribution from which you manage this, you can receive orders from a limited range of this brand from the product t-shirt, bag, wallet, jacket, and others. Margin benefits you can set its own appropriate agreements. For example, you take 20 percent hit each item of goods. Or, even you yourself also produces a variety of accessories is limited and sold on the distribution you.

That, if you have the ability to identify markets with product design, such as what is in demand in the market at this time, can be ascertained distribution order you will be inundated. For example, one shirt, with the cost of making $ 5, you can sell up to $ 7 or even $ 9. Not to mention other products such as jackets, purse, it will usually give a sizeable profit margin as well. If a day can only sell 20 items of goods, benefits shadow is certain to become a reality. So, what are you waiting for? How? Is ready with this business? If you are, let's study one by one.

Location or place a strategic

To start this business, try to find a location that is strategic and many people passed by. Can also search for a location close to the settlement of young people such as local lodging or near campus and the school. If your house is quite strategic, can also turn a page or the front of the garage to the house show room so you merchandise. However, if you have more capital, it is advisable to hire an outlet CATCHING eye on the nearby crowd. Or, you can also rent a car pick up you to install the collection and selling there. Benefits of using the car you can find a strategic location and move quickly if it is market starts decreasing. Excess other, you do not need to spend to rent a place at any time, although be wary if there are officers who conduct routine inspections.

How much capital for business

Talk about working capital, it is recommended you see the size of your bag first. If not how, starting from the first small and close colleagues to offer first. But, if want to talk seriously, the capital is quite sizable. For the renovation sale, create a variety of production, and rent a pick-up is not necessarily cost less. Can reach dozens to tens of millions depending on how big the size of your business. But, again, the size of business capital is you start from a determination as the candidate distribution. With no capital pick-up if you have the creativity can also have a try. Well, to run this business, you also need to consider the cost of electricity and phone or device to receive the order and search.

For, if not often you the known distribution, is shown also order certain goods, and the community. If you use the car pick-up, also take into account the cost of maintenance and fuel per month. In addition, if you do not produce some goods that you sell, you can also buy goods from producers this alternative in some places. That way, you will be selling the party and rotation of goods with the new new design will be able to attract more buyers. For businesses that are still opened in the beginning, employees are just two first. One that serves buyers, a person who serves at the checkout. In addition, they can also function as a security hawk you. Because, usually small items such as key holder, scarf, sticker, if not careful can move through the checkout without hands. In the quotation from the Agoeng Widyatmoko - Indonesia

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why People Fail in Network Marketing

All types of business require more time to reach the stage of success. What is a reasonable time before we determine the time until we have failed? Is 6 months? May be a year or five years? There is no time limit is for sure, how much time we need to prepare a pioneer in the business. Three years is probably the time that is considered enough for some people. What can we expect in three years?
Learning something takes time. Learning physical sometimes take longer to learn from a mental illness. Initially, it may be difficult for us to prepare ourselves for the launch have decided, once we have decided, take longer to learn the business itself.

In starting a business, we must first ensure that our goal is to become a business, acquiring a lot of money in a short period of time can not be a goal early in the launch of a business, why? I have a friend who stopped working in the office and began trying a variety of business. He wanted to become a business owner, he would not necessarily be employees of the company depends entirely on the place he worked. He may want to have a lot of money at once spare time to enjoy the money.

Just after 6 months trying to run a business, my friend did not get the income as he want. Then he started looking for job in the office anymore. What's wrong? My friend was on the money obtained. He does not get the money that he expected within 6 months, and he decided that he had failed many. This attitude can not be equated with those who have strong reasons to become a business.

If someone has decided to not want to be forever and employees have to understand that that means he should start a business alone, money that he produce in the first 6 months it will not affect ago he decided to return to work in the office. If the desire to become a stronger business than just the money quickly, then he will stand still for a business towards its success.
The more we age, the more difficult things we forget the things we have learned so long. That is why I prefer it to return to work in the office. Because he has long felt he was living with guaranteed work at the office, and living with the comfort of working in the office. While he has a new 6 months experience in the business. This is one of the reasons why many people eventually return to the office, even though they know, that is not good for them in the long term.

Because we still have to have money for daily life? True, there must be other than the price paid in the form of material, such as time and mentally strong. No sacrifice is too mean to live under our standard line in the first few years, when we can finally achieve success as far as income is infinite and time is infinite?

Very lucky for those who at this time is still a worker in the office, but they have open minds to start a business. They can rely on money for a monthly salary of daily needs, while their business their way. During this time, the sacrifice of time is required. Home working, still need to run the business anymore. Really tired, but this is not the best way?

Stay in the office working while starting a business way is the best way, only when the actors realize that the true objective is to foster business. So, whatever happens, he will not leave the business or continue to be employees of contemporary life.
In the process, you will need to be able to forget comfort and assuredness of the office. So the more your mind wide open to receive the insertion of yourself into the world of business. Until the time, after such a long process, you will find yourself in the position have been someone with entrepreneurial spirit.

Important things we should know is that in the process of looking for the entrepreneurial spirit will be a lot of losses and errors therein. Loss is not the end of everything. Error is a process of learning. You learn from losses, from the mistakes you make. This can also mean: You do not learn if the losers did not / do wrong.
Failure can be called a failure when you decide to stop after your loss to you, or have made a mistake and does not improve. People who stopped after the first error means that the person has failed to learn.

Conclusion of any posts in the top one is the main reason why people fail in network marketing business. They want to have a lot of money quickly rather than want him to become a business. Business network marketing is a type of business that provides a variety of convenience for us. System that has been established, the small capital, and can be run in part-time. Are you ready to commit to run your business network marketing in order to bring yourself into a business? Without commitment, without the correct destination, you do not give yourself the opportunity to find the 'entrepreneurial spirit'.

In the quotation from the Owner d'BC Indonesia - dini shanti

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Become Business Property Main Options

Investment in property is still a choice most people, because people assume that it is one of the best ways to develop money. In general, investment property is considered more secure from other business investment. For you own or manage the investment, so you can control almost everything. However, it is not the only advantage to invest in property, because the most interesting fact from investment in this property allows you to use other people money to start investing.

Most other investment products is influenced by many external factors. For example, prices at the stock exchange can be up and down quickly because even significant issues or gossip about politics, government policy, state security, economic conditions, such as bonds or the price down when the inflation figures and interest rates rise. Compared to the property even though the external factors are also affected, but the changes are not too fast, for example: the price of a house can not be changed once a day but only in the annual need.

Benefits of Investment in Property

With the property to invest, you have the opportunity to get the return investments. If you see Donald Trump's property the United States or Ir. Ciputra from Indonesia, they are rich from the business property. The Bank also has a property, if we look at building high-rise headquarters of a magnificent, not to mention the tens of the number of branches. Many ways to invest to property. You can get started with buying a house to live, shop, build a house rented, commercial building or other vacant land.

Of all these options, buy and sell houses rented better selected for the new start will invest in property, and then little by little to save the results of the lease to invest again. If you see a lot of people interested to make a rented house, for the employer to be possible you have a property that you can control yourself, then sell them later. The good news you do not need much money to start your investment in property.

It's important to understand why a property is often the main option for the property, why not because property is not a risk. Like other investment, the property also has constraints such as the tenant is late paying the rent house, moving without notifying, which damaged the building, any difficulties can occur. Basically if you are busy with the affairs of this kind, the investment in the property for you.

Using Other People Money

One of the most interesting from the investment in the property that the system is made so that allows you to use the money to pay for other people of your investment. This is one of the most important concepts that make a property can make you more rich than other investments. On the type of investment other then the large amount of investment is determined from how much you are willing and able to pay with cash. So to buy another investment you pay cash with the assumption that using your own money.

We just take an example: investment in capital markets. To buy shares you have to pay all cash transactions of all, unless you do the actual trading margin is very risky. Similarly investment in bonds, mutual funds, deposits and savings in the bank, and even gold and valuable collection of art, using all of that cash entirely. Investment in property is not so, you could pay as much as the house down payment of 10% to 30% of house prices in order to have the goods then the rest can be financed from the loan to the bank. Isn'T bank, the developer would also provide relief for the payment of installment payment cash advance purchase of goods.

Opportunity to use the money realized other people in the form of financing is called by the term leverage, or ability to multiply things. For example, in the first day you successfully get a home loan with the advance payment of $ 3,000, then on that day also direct your cash assets increased to $ 10,000. With the use of the investment houses can be doubled in two ways. First, the more money they invested the money of others, or financing that you can get, for example, with the money $ 3,000, you can only buy shares up to $ 3,000. However, with the same amount of money if invested in the property, then you can buy a house for $ 10,000. Where you pay down the house for $ 3,000, and the bank to pay the remainder of $ 7,000, then you become an owner of a building for $ 10,000. Amount not more than 3 time 300% or doubled? Extraordinary.

Why the Real Estate

Using the money of others, or use the financing is one of the ease that only can be used to invest in property. But other than that there are many benefits of investment in the property which makes it very interesting compare the investment in others.

1. Cash Flow is the money you receive on a regular basis on the money you save in an investment. such as interest rate and savings deposit is cash flow as income to provide for you. In property, the rent can be an income or cash flow for you. The more buildings you can rent just so the larger the cash flow you.

2. The value of your home ownership is increasing. Value your rights or ownership of investment property that is financed from the concept of using the money before someone else will increase, far beyond your debt or obligation. Rights of ownership in an investment someone is known by the term equity. For example if you purchase the investment property of $ 10,000, which is financed by the bank $ 7,000, $ 3,000 the rest of the money of your own. So your rights of ownership of the investment is worth $ 10,000 earlier is $ 3,000 or 30% of it.

Rights of ownership will increase in value due to an installment payment of the debt obligations. In addition, your rights of ownership also increases the value of property increases. Your property value will increase due to inflation makes the price of goods and services, including property to increase. Inflation is due not only increase the value of the property but you also have the opportunity to increase cash flow or income to the way you regularly raise money to rent a house in line with the inflation line. Increase the value of this property can even increase your borrowing power.

Bank usually be happy to provide additional loan guarantees based on the price increase or a property. You can use this money to pay off old debt balance, and the remaining money from the loans come in your bag. Then for a new installment loan, can be adjusted with the rent income.

3. Opportunity to build a larger building again, after you successfully pay off debt, you will have more money to be allocated, for example, to create a property that already have become greater. Many investment properties starting from a small building, but because of the income from the rent that can be made in monthly installment debt, then make the property more into the building may be very large.

Are Difficult To Get Loan Investment Property

Most difficult part of all business is to get money to pay for the business. People even still very difficult to borrow from the bank for a business loan to start business. Banks usually only provide loans only to businesses that have been running 2 years. This does not apply when you want the bank to borrow money to buy a house. No matter whether you are buying a new home for the first time or for the umpteenth time, the house can be given credit by the bank for the purchase of the house to whatever.

In addition, the bank's home loan is also considered as a type of credit risk is low. For the amount of home loan repayments with your customized, so the bank is assumed that borrowers have a stable income that can be used to pay the monthly installment. Then viewed in terms of the warranty, the building itself. that we know the price continues to increase, so do not wonder if the insurance is generally able to pay debts.

First Step in Starting Investment Property

While there are opportunities to use the loan to finance your investment property, does not mean you become nonchalant. Investment in fixed property requires a commitment of money and time. So do research and set a plan before investing in property is very important. Because the initial step and most important once you decide to invest to learn the property is all about the property as many as you can. Continue to learn, there are many sources of information that you may be able to learn about investment property such as books, courses, seminars, the internet and others. To recognize a business property you can also take a part-time job as a property broker.

Advantages, in addition you can practice what you learned from the various sources of information before, you can also get a commission from the sale of the property you are selling. Not to mention the opportunity to build a network or the network would be very useful to help your business property later. Doing research before hand will make you more alert to the risk or problem that may arise regarding the ownership of property can occur, for example problems with the tenants, the cost of building maintenance. Do in cooperation with the home seller or an agent broker property, after you provide yourself with adequate information about the property business then look for a seller agent or broker home property that is willing to help you understand more about the property business.

Find the agent that the seller has at least 2 years experience, they usually have much more the business property. You should find a home seller agents working fulltime from Should, as is feared they could not meet the research on interest rates, increasing property prices, rental price, if you want to use the financing from the bank first then compare interest rates credit banks with each other and seek the most competitive. Then also on the assumption that property prices increase, so you can determine how much the selling price at any time later. Do not forget if you want to get the income from the rental house, the price before deciding to rent seek information on the price to rent a house that is suitable for areas that are tailored to the condition the building.

Your Action Plan Once you have set one's mind to invest in property, then you set a goal of the investment property you are specific and measurable. Suppose you want to get $ 10,000 of money that you use in the purchase of investment property or property could be $ 100,000 in 10 years. Once you've set your goal then you can determine what type of property that is suitable to achieve the goal, whether residential, commercial buildings .. Count how many amount of money needed for investment, property market conditions, then the amount of rent you can expect, and how many buildings you can buy.

With research as recommended above, then you can estimate how much money you have to provide investment results and how that can be expected to continue to grow. You can even estimate how long the property must hold before you sell it. By creating financial goals will give you the kind of guidelines to start your new business, take the action necessary, to anticipate risks and make investment.